When you are going to get the hospital, few days before admission check if you have:

  • Your medical charts (documentation from previous hospitalizations, results of any tests performed in the past, consultation reports)
  • Medications and drugs you use on daily basis in original boxes with information about their doses and daily use
  • Radiography films, CD and DVD records with pictures and films
  • Urine culture test consulted before with GP or your urologist. Urine culture must be performed few days (7-10) before admission and the result must be consulted with doctor, because there may be a necessity of antibiotic medication or even repeat the test just before admission. Catheterized patients must have catheter changed just before taking urine for culturing. Any patient with urinary tract infection is not allowed to have any planned urological procedure.
  • Personal things like toothbrush, shaving stuff, towel and any other things to live few days like in hotel
  • If you have any questions regarding your health, surgical procedure, prepare a list of questions for your doctor
  • Personal data, telephone numbers, addresses of family members or other persons you would like to inform about your health