My name is Artur Białeta. I was born in Wloclawek, Poland in 1970. I have graduated the secondary school (Liceum im. Marii Konopnickiej we Włocławku) in 1989 and then launched Medical Academy of Lodz. All my medical activity, practice and work during medical studies was bound up with District Hospital in my family town, starting with the prestudy practice so called “labour practice” as the orderly in 1989, the nurse assistant thereafter on the next years of studying with all the steps of the consecutive years of medical school and as the trainee after graduation in 1995.

I have started working in District Hospital in Wlocławek on the 3rd of October 1996 after mandatory 1 year postgraduation trainee period. Leszek Halicki was then Medical Director, but he said (I can remember his sentence so far): “I can employ you, but if you think you’ll become a surgeon forget that, there are too many surgeons around”, in passing he was a surgeon as well. Fortunately the then Head of the Urology Department was Marek Stawski, he was looking for the assistant and my urological adventure has just then started. I begun working as a younger assistant. In years 1997 – 1999 I was working in two departments, in Urology and in General Surgery Department where i was training general surgery by the eye of Wojciech Zembik (one of the most friendly guy i`ve ever met as doctor and as real friend as well). In 1999 I graduated the first degree of general surgical speciality and promoted for the assistant on my Urology Department. In 1999 Marek Stawski was ousted from the hospital and Jerzy Chajkowski became the Head of the Urology Department. Thanks to him in 2002 I started my second degree urological  training which I finished in 2005. On the 10th of June 2006, in Warsaw I passed the EBU exam and became the Fellow of the European Board of Urology. Since then I started working as the older assistant. Unfortunately, 18th of November 2008 Jerzy Chajkowski has suddenly died. At this time I was the only second degree urologist in my department, so I got new  duties, I became the head. By the official, open competition I was elected as the Head of the Department of Urology in february 2009 and I am acting so far.

My special interest in the field of urology is laparoscopy and reconstructive surgery, especially penile and urethral reconstructive surgery. When I held the Urology Department, no reconstructive surgeries were performed with the minimal invasive manner but only as an open procedures. From 2009 all the open surgeries were replaced by the laparoscopic access. Nowadays we can manage all kinds of urethral strictures with buccal or lingual mucosal grafts, all surgeries by the lap access are performed with the kidney (radical nephrectomies, partial nephrectomies, UPJ reconstructions, pyelolithotomies, ureterolithotomies, nephroureterectomies), prostate (radical prostatectomies), bladder (diverticula, radical cystectomy), spermatic cord (varicocele), testis (undescended cases). Besides we perform all the classic uro-endoscopic procedures like PCNL, RIRS, URS, TUR-P, TUR-Bt with aid of fluoroscopy and ultrasound guidenance in stone removal procedures.

In 2010 we have moved to new, freshly recovered place where 21 beds in 7 rooms ward serves the patients the top level european urological care, where 5 FEBU`s and 2 urologists in trainig work on the daily basis with 7/7 days emergency service and high load outpatient clinic.